Have you ever felt frozen?  Not from the weather, rather the feeling, frozen in place like a needle hitting a scratch in a record, stuck.  Needing a push to get you moving again? 
Losing a loved one, a job or fear are just a few experiences that can freeze you.   Stopping you from continuing your journey.  Fear doesn’t allow you to experience the moment, but it can be a catalyst to open doors to your hidden potential.
Two episodes resonate in me, when the doctor told us my mother had cancer and recently when I lost my job.
It’s not easy to move on.  It takes time to thaw and deal with the emotions the experience brings on.  Use the time to determine what you need to learn from the experience and how you can apply what you learn as your journey continues.
I took a class at Hospice after losing my mother.  The class had people in various stages of life who lost someone.  A bond was created as we realized we were as one in our loss.  The class enabled me to move forward one day at a time as I wove through the tangled web of grief.
When I lost my job I was sure I would find another quickly.  That did not happen.  I allowed my anger to freeze me in place.  This anger drove me and colored every interview I went on.  The result was the same no second interview for me.
My eyes were opened.  I needed to remove this bitterness from my life.  I took classes, reached out to friends and looked at the positives in the situation.  I found fulfilling work with wonderful people.  I have more time to help those I love and time for me work on my passions, writing and photography.
Situations that freeze us are a part of life.  How we deal with them can keep us frozen or take us to a better place.  Find ways to turn those negative experiences into positive energy to move you forward.  You won’t be sorry!

Deborah Fought